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Painted Peach's Eco-Glitter Bar is a fabulous MUST HAVE addition to our birthday and hen party vibes hosted by Cocktails & Canapés. 

The beautiful and charismatic Panda has spent many years perfecting her glitter and gorgeous art and finding the best quality, eco-friendly versions of all her products.  

From holographic and iridescent bio-glitter, to cruelty free products and even down to biodegradable baby wipes and bin liners. Not only is this a fabulous and beautiful addition to hen parties, weddings and other events, its also carefully curated to leave the bare minimum impact. 

With an eye for detail and a flare for colour and design, Painted Peach provides a range of services from from delicate eye designs that compliment peoples outfits, to full creature transformations and so much more. 

Panda started Painted Peach when she moved back to the uk in 2016 from NZ after 2 glorious years, where she was hired by a 3 time world champion body painter, and became absorbed in learning the endless opportunities of body art, face painting, sfx and prosthetics. Panda has since trained in tv and film makeup as well, but adding sparkle and smiles to events is what she does best and loves most.

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